Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Schools are successful when they help children develop academically, socially, and emotionally.  A safe, supportive environment will cultivate this growth. Therefore, it is our goal to create a positive atmosphere for optimal learning.  To that end, we are have set forth clear social and behavioral expectations which we are teaching and positively reinforcing with students.  Below is some information on our approach.

Core Values:

At Prudence Crandall School we have developed a set of core values called PRIDE.  These values guide our daily interactions and provide a common vocabulary for staff and students.


School-wide Expectations:

Common expectations allow for consistency in all areas of the school which helps the students succeed.  These were explicitly taught and modeled at the start of the school year.  Students know how to demonstrate PRIDE throughout their day and in various locations.  For example, respect looks like having hands by your sides when walking down the hallway, so that no one is touching students’ work on bulletin boards.  Students have had many opportunities to practice these expectations and will be retaught as needed.

 When students struggle to meet expectations, we focus on using preventative, teaching strategies to help students become more successful.  Examples of these strategies include: reflection sheets, role playing, opportunities to fix situations (apology, clean mess, complete work, etc), re-teaching expectations, and teaching replacement behaviors.


Individual Acknowledgement System::

We utilize individual PAW tickets to acknowledge students who are showing PRIDE throughout the school.  Any staff member can give a student a PAW ticket, which they save for different leveled rewards.  

Additional Information: